What Will Your Bank Do if Your Commercial Account Gets Hacked?

Most small businesses are not protected against losses due to cybercriminals hacking into their accounts. Banks claim that the business should do more to protect their accounts against these criminals, while businesses believe that the banks should be monitoring their accounts more closely.

Cybercrooks are stealing as much as $1 billion a year from accounts of small and midsized companies in the U.S. and Europe, according to Dell SecureWorks. These accounts are typically not protected by fraud insurance, so businesses are fully responsible for the losses. What is your bank’s policy if your business account is compromised?

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Should You Add Google’s +1 to Your Website?

Google unleashed a new feature for websites this week that is designed so that visitors to your website can share content within his network at the click of a button, called the +1 (or plus one). If you are already familiar with the Facebook Like button then you get the idea except this works on a much grander scale.

Why You Should Reduce Your SEO Budget and Focus on Branding

Google’s algorithm change this year has caused permanent damage to e-commerce websites, without any signs of recovery. Businesses who were hurt the most were the ones relying completely on SEO to gain traffic.

No longer can e-commerce businesses solely rely on SEO to bring them the bulk of new visitors – instead, they should be investing more into branding.

Hiding the Size of Your E-Commerce Business Can Be a Mistake

It is common for small businesses or startups to try to make themselves look bigger than they actually are, thinking that it is needed to compete with the big boys. With easy access and availability of technology and software for small businesses, this task is easy to do. However, sometimes being small is actually an advantage that businesses should leverage.
Spending your time and energy playing at your strengths and not trying to deceive customers that your business is something that it is not (or not yet) is usually a more …

Google’s Updated Algorithm Penalizes Low Quality Sites

Confronted with complaints about the surge in spam sites and content farms, Google decided to tweak its search engine results. Websites have popped up around the web with the purpose of misleading visitors to their sites filled with subpar content in hopes visitors would click on the advertisements. These sites offer little to no value for visitors, creating frustration and aggravations.

Social Media Networking in Europe

Social media networking is gaining in popularity throughout Europe. Businesses looking to expand internationally or gain European customers should strategically use social media sites as a marketing tool. They should also pay special attention to new or developing European social media sites, such as Viadeo.com and gain a presence on them as well.